8 oz Stainless Steel Canister

Ten Ren's stainless steel canister holds approximately 8 ounces (225g) of loose tea leaves. For small or tightly rolled tea leaves, such as Pearl Jasmine this canister holds 0.8 lbs or 12.8 oz. For large tea leaves, such as Pouchong, this canister holds 0.25 lbs or 4 oz. The canister is about 8 inches (19 cm) in height and its base is about 4.25 inches (11 cm) in diameter. This canister comes with an inner and outer lid with an embossed scene of Lu Yu and pupil. Dimensional shipping weight is 1.2 lb.

The interior of the canister can be rinsed out with warm water. Towel dry the interior and let it air dry in a warm environment. If one plans to store a particular tea in the canister, we recommend that a very small amount of tea be placed inside the canister and shaken for several minutes with the lids in place. This procedure will enable the leaves to absorb any other odors remaining in the canister and impart the appropriate fragrance for storage of the tea.


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